Climate Justice

Protecting our planet and communities with solutions rooted in powerful grassroots movements

Whether we live next to bays or bodegas, freeways or farmland, we all need clean air and water, reliable and affordable utilities, and a say in the future of our communities and our planet.

The Challenge

For years, giant corporations have poisoned our communities and polluted our planet in their relentless search for greater profits. 

  • Fossil fuel giants and dirty industries have exploited our differences to dump toxins and put polluting plants in Black, Indigenous, Brown and low-income neighborhoods.
  • Corporate landlords, private equity firms, and banks have bought up our homes and land, pushing working families and people of color out to places most vulnerable to hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires made worse by climate change.
  • Private utilities charge us high prices for dirty energy. They use their power and influence to sway elected officials and regulatory agencies to put private interests ahead of the public good.

Our Approach

Protecting our planet and communities is deeply intertwined with a regenerative economy, real democracy, and racial justice. We’re taking on the corporations that created this crisis to power our future with clean local energy, while creating good jobs and healthy neighborhoods for our families:

  • We’re weaving powerful local coalitions to transform our urban infrastructure, restore polluted land, and break the vice-grip of utility monopolies. We’re piloting new approaches like community-run solar microgrids and returning water utilities to public ownership.
  • We’re passing policies to create good green jobs — and training people from historically-excluded communities to lead a just transition for everyone.
  • We’re enacting democratic co-governance models, where community members and working people have decision-making power over utilities and local climate policies.

Climate solutions must be rooted in frontline communities — add your name.

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