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PowerSwitch Action is a community of leaders, organizers, and strategists building the people power and people’s institutions to realize our collective freedom and liberation.

A network of 21 dynamic grassroots organizations

We believe that everyday people can and should govern our economy, democracy, and public goods. In cities across the country, our affiliates weave strategic alliances and organize communities to win innovative public policy and rein in greedy corporations. Together, we’re forging multiracial feminist democracy and economies in our cities — and building the local power to drive state and national change.

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We have a 20-year track record of winning campaigns that have improved millions of people’s lives. We know that our communities hold the wisdom and resolve to achieve our collective liberation, and that change comes when we center the leadership of people most affected. Can you chip in for the organizing, campaigning, and leadership development that builds governing power for working people?

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