Welcome to the new PowerSwitchAction.org

We’ve got a bold new look to go with our bold vision for multi-racial feminist democracy.

After two decades at the nerd table, we decided it’s time for our cool-kid makeover.

Last summer, we changed our name to PowerSwitch Action to reflect our new long-term agenda. We’re wresting control over our local economies and democracy from wealthy corporations — switching governing power over to our communities where it belongs. 

We did a lot in our twenty years as the Partnership for Working Families: from raising wages in dozens of cities to winning groundbreaking agreements that give Black and Brown communities a say in the future of their neighborhoods. Weaving partnerships with broad coalitions is in our DNA, and making life better for working families and all people is central to our work. 

Yet we’re in a moment that calls on us to aim higher and act more audaciously. In the face of so many overlapping crises — racial injustice, a planet in peril, an economy dangerously off-kilter, assaults on democracy, the ongoing pandemic — we must seek transformational changes in who holds power in our cities. That requires organizing more people, fueling hope for what’s possible, and being ambitious in our strategy.

A new logo, look, and website are small parts of such work, but they can be inspirational ones. Over the past six months we’ve partnered with Tectonica, a creative agency that’s at the forefront of digital organizing for social movements. Based in Barcelona — a city whose municipalism movement has shaped our thinking — they’ve crafted a logo that beautifully symbolizes our approach to sparking national transformation through local organizing:

PowerSwitch Action logo

On our new website, you can:

I particularly like the spotlight interviews on our new blog. From organizing tenant unions to creating public banks to defending voting rights in the South, our affiliates are doing powerful work. In hard moments, these stories help keep me going.

In solidarity,

Lauren Jacobs
Executive Director