Improving the Lives of 2 Million People in 2 Years

Impacting Inequality and Climate Change

January 2015

Infographic laying out our 2 Million, 2 Years campaign.

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Together with our 17 affiliates, the Partnership is driving a progressive agenda to harness the economic power of cities and influence billions of dollars in public and private investment. Our powerful coalitions of community groups, labor unions, faith networks and environmental organizations tackle the crises of income inequality and climate change that disproportionately impact low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and women.

The benefits of our Partnership extend beyond the cities that are home to our affiliates. We apply our network’s collective expertise in cities across the country by supporting coalition efforts to transform industries and hold development accountable wherever the conditions are ripe. This work includes:

  • Supporting new community benefits and construction careers coalitions in more than 20 cities.
  • Working with city governments to help structure community benefits and construction careers policies.
  • Building stronger capacity among our allies in other networks, like PICO, Gamaliel, and Emerald Cities.

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