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Amicus Brief: Prop. 22 stripped app-based drivers of fundamental protections

Brief filed by driver groups and legal and policy organizations that advance economic, racial and gender justice.

May 2022

By Hina B. Shah of the Women’s Employment Rights at Clinic Golden Gate University School of Law), Benjamin Beach of PowerSwitch Action, and Nayantara Mehta and Brian Chen of the National Employment Law Project.

Amici curiae urge the Court to weigh the compelling public policy reasons for strong worker protection laws that protect low-wage workers in exploitative industries.

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The brief highlights how proponents of Proposition 22 engaged in a massive misinformation campaign that led voters to believe the measure would give app-based drivers new and better benefits when, in fact, it stripped this workforce, predominately made up of people of color and immigrants, of the state’s most fundamental protections to the detriment of the drivers and the public.

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