Reining in Corporate Power

It’s time to take the fight to them — and take back our democracy

We’re done letting corporations dictate how much we get paid, where we can live, even how much time we can spend with our families. We’re taking back our democracy, our lives, and our future.

What We Face

Over the past half-century, corporations have seized more and more control over our lives. They have exploited and amplified racial divisions to push individualism over common good, fuel hostility towards democratic institutions, and celebrate markets above all else.

  • As the civil rights movement desegregated public life, corporate interest groups and allied politicians attacked our public goods and shared institutions by associating them with Black and Brown people. They drained swimming pools, promoted private schools, and stereotyped public workers as lazy (Black) women.
  • Through ever-more-complex financial instruments, banks and private equity firms have gained an outsized hold over our economy (finance is now the nation’s largest industry by GDP). These financial players can now dictate everything from how much businesses pay their workers, to whether cities can fund new affordable housing, to what action we take to stop the climate crisis.
  • With diminished trust in our public sector, and an economy that is so clearly skewed towards the ultra-wealthy, many people today see giant corporations as unbeatable behemoths. Far too few of us have firsthand experience bringing corporations to heel. 

Our Path Forward

We need to show it’s possible to take on the corporations undermining our democracy and destabilizing our economy — and win.

  • By taking the fight to corporations, we can both rein in their abuses and build the share of people who see what it’s like when we, not corporate elites, hold governing power.
  • In the process, we’ll train a new generation of organizers and leaders who know how to expose racist, corporate-backed propaganda and bring communities together to beat back corporate overreach.
  • We can prove to the American people that it’s possible to reclaim public goods from corporate capture, reject the exploitation of Black and Brown people, and advance our collective liberation.

Ready to take the fight to corporations (and win)?

Join other organizers, working people, renters, and local leaders in our campaigns to rein in corporate abuse and return governing power to our communities: