Housing and Land Justice

Stewarding our land and homes for people over profit

Where we come from is where it all starts.
No matter our skin color or income, our home and community form the foundation for who we are and the possibilities ahead. That foundation should be safe, healthy, and joyful. 

The Challenge

Decades of exclusionary policies, institutional racism, and corporate greed mean that far too many of us can’t count on a safe, stable, and affordable place to live. 

  • Corporate landlords extract wealth from our communities. They buy up our homes, jack up rents, and kick out working families and people of color. 
  • Real estate developers buy up publicly-owned land to build luxury offices and condos, demand tax breaks to pad their profits, and gentrify and distort our communities.
  • Their campaign donations corrupt our democracy: blocking renter protections, affordable homes, and community-owned housing.

Our Approach

On the ground and with national partners, we’re campaigning to make housing a basic human right, and land commonly-owned, stewarded, and protected.

  • We’re organizing tenants, winning stronger renter protections, and stopping unfair evictions. 
  • We’re preserving and producing more community-controlled affordable homes.
  • We’re bringing the people most affected into decision-making about our public lands and resources, and fighting back against corporate interference in our freedom to care for our neighbors.


Homes are for people, not corporate profits - join the fight!

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