Our Work

Transforming the economy, government, and public goods in our communities

Our Strategic Imperatives

Over four years, the leaders of our network came together to understand the conditions in which we are operating, imagine what a people- and planet-centered economy looks like, and find strategies to get us there over the next decades.

Through this process, we developed a long term agenda guided by four interwoven core strategies:

Our Focus Areas

Advancing our vision of multiracial feminist democracy means working across issues, at multiple geographies, and both within and outside our organizations.

Remaking Our Economy

Taking back control over our lives from corporations, so we can have good jobs, thriving communities, and a healthy planet.

Building Geographic Power

Weaving local organizing into regional, state, and multi-state governing power for working people.

Nurturing Our Movement

Providing grassroots groups and leaders with the skills, knowledge, and relationships to win campaigns and sustain movements.