Our Long Term Agenda

A path to our collective liberation

Between 2017 and 2020, the leaders of our network and national staff embarked on a long term agenda process to understand the conditions in which we are operating, imagine what a people-and planet-centered economy looks like, and find strategies to get us there over the next decades.

  • When we came together to envision what freedom means for our communities, we saw a world where housing and land are not commodities, where housing is a right and land is commonly-owned, stewarded, and protected.
  • In the future we’re forging as a network, the economy, its mechanisms and the rules for how goods are produced, services delivered, and wealth produced are governed democratically.
  • We are reimagining public safety and demanding that budgets devoted to policing and incarceration be directed instead to housing, mental health clinics, education, recreation, and all the things that truly keep us safe.
  • And playing to win means we need to aspire to be a clear, organized, and mobilized majority.

This requires fundamentally transforming our democracy: expanding and strengthening the voices of everyday people in shaping the economy, government, and public goods in local communities. It requires taking on direct fights to stop the extractive, racist, exploitative practices of corporations. If we are successful, we will ensure that the economy is designed to provide for Black, Indigenous, people of color and gender-oppressed people.

Building pluralistic, multiracial, and feminist bases of people power through which we can transform our towns, cities, communities is central to our work. This is accomplished in part through youth organizing initiatives, new tenant organizations, and new worker organizations.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Our long term agenda is guided by four interwoven core strategies:

Our Theory of Change

How we move from our current conditions to our vision of multiracial feminist democracy: